Partner with an advocate.

The excitement that comes with building a new home can also mean surprises that eat up time and money. Andrew’s history with the Solterra builders and his knowledge of the building process puts an advocate in your corner—someone with your best interests in mind during new home construction. He’ll help you evaluate comparable homes for fair pricing and avoid costly mistakes.

Timing is everything.

To optimize your negotiations with the builder, contact Andrew before visiting the models. As a certified New Home Specialist, Andrew vets the builder and prepares you for your first meeting. His value begins with pre-builder preparation and extends through final inspection.

Put a pro in your corner.

Finding the right builder is about creating a good fit. Andrew knows the questions to ask and the upgrades that are worth your investment. He’ll track deadlines (so you don’t have to) and help you navigate the clauses, addendums and options in new home construction or spec home contracts.

You acquire an advocate during inspections and walk-throughs, and he’ll help you find a reputable lender. Most importantly, Andrew’s fiduciary responsibility is to you, the buyer. Bottom line: You have an expert in your camp who’s contractually obligated to protect your financial interests.

Contact us to acquire floor plans from these Solterra builders:

  • Brookfield Homes
  • Cardel Homes
  • Infinity Home Collection*
  • Toll Brothers
  • Wall Custom Homes

*Andrew Nagel — Preferred Realtor for the Infinity Home Collection in the Solterra, Midtown and Stapleton neighborhoods. 

We want to express our appreciation for your services when we sold our old home and purchased our new home. The service and personal attention we received from you was exceptional. ...we are so pleased with your approach and ability to overcome a potential negative and turn it into a positive.
— Mike and Beth Monge