I’m pleased to report that Solterra continues to be an active and exciting real estate market. Crystal ball aside, this is how I see things shaping up for 2016:

We can expect another interest rate increase on top of the .25 percent bump we saw in December. Historically speaking, money is still cheap. Adding another quarter-percent won’t slow buyer demand.

The big appreciation increases we’ve seen in Solterra aren’t sustainable long-term, and will begin to level off. I believe the 7.8 percent appreciation we experienced in 2015 will drop into the more realistic 3-5 percent range in 2016.

Expect a jump in re-sale activity — a trend typical of new neighborhoods that experience high appreciation rates early-on. A percentage of 80228 homeowners will decide to “cash out” on their investment in 2016.

Ready to sell? First quarter 2015 saw some of the highest activity in the neighborhood for all of last year. Case in point: 15164 W. Washburn sold in two weeks last January.

Expect an equally active first quarter in 2016. For-sale inventory is low, and what’s currently on the market is stale. New inventory will go quickly—provided the home is in good condition and priced right. Heads up: the model at 2123 So. Juniper will be listing soon.

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