Solterra continues to be the southwest neighborhood of choice for folks attracted to trails, our foothills location, and the natural as well as architectural beauty that make this community a home run.

If a new home in Solterra is on your radar—and you want the creativity and control of getting involved from the ground up—listen up. The availability of dirt starts from Cardel is coming to a close:

  • Verona Series — 13 lots available
  • Florentine Series — 10 lots available
  • Renaissance Series — 24 lots available

I picked up Cardel’s site map this week. Check out the dirt-start locations.  

The good news? Solterra’s appeal remains high. The other news? The opportunity to build a Cardel home from the ground up is dwindling. Now’s the time to make your move.

Give me a call (303-898-4572) or shoot me an email. Let’s talk.